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Grimski is James Bradford - born in Margate 1970. Drawing came easy to me from an early age, but never did enough to make it a basis for a career once leaving school. I have focused more on my art and architecture in the last 15 years, whilst working and supporting my family. In particular, ensuing my passion for Brutalism, creating drawings, paintings and sculpture, in homage to the 'marmite' architectural style borne in the 1950's. I have developed a technique for producing realistic concrete sculptures that are lightweight while giving the appearance of the real thing. Currently, all my works are 'one-offs', which offers the prospective buyer an exclusivity. Although I get commissioned for pieces, I prefer to sell my original works that have had weeks, months, even years of thought and input. 

I have produced many other works in various media, including digital, charcoal, pencil, acrylics, oils and pyrography (wood burning) which are all visible on my Insta accounts. I have only had two exhibitions to date and no representation in galleries outside of my hometowns. In my current studio space I am both working on the next pieces and exhibiting when I can. 

TBBH (to be brutally honest) was my exhibition in July 2023 and was my first chance to exhibit both my Brutalist sculptures and my fine art consisting of many paintings, drawings and pyrography which can be seen on my Instagram links...

Always looking forward to the next idea, my works are constantly evolving and this gives me huge inspiration for future pieces.

If you would like to come and see my work, please contact me to arrange a viewing.

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